English for children from 12 years old

Fairy Tales 2

James is the star of Puss in Boots, a story about a boy who manages to overcome bullying and become a basketball star. He is helped in this by a stray cat and a mysterious pair of trainers. Together, the students on this course will recreate familiar situations, giving them confidence to express themselves in English.

Course objectives:

In this English course, the 12-year-olds will see their ability to communicate both orally and in writing strengthened. Through the story of James, which deals with values and situations which are very relevant at this age, the students can identify with the issues, giving them a sense of security, keeping them motivated and helping them to feel comfortable expressing themselves more fluently. As with the previous level, in this level we increase the class length. This means the students spend more time practising and consolidating their communicative abilities. They will learn to give advice and describe personalities in simple terms. They will also start to write longer texts in English.  

Class length:

1 hour 30 minutes, twice per week

Number of students per class:

eight students per class

Writing texts:

The students will begin to write their first texts, informal letters, longer pieces than they have written up to now. They will talk about situations that they know well, and this will strengthen their interest and motivation to learn the language, whilst at the same time learning the correct English writing conventions.

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  • Kids&Us Fairy Tales 2 student course
  • Kids&Us Fairy Tales 2 student course
  • Kids&Us Fairy Tales 2 student course
  • Kids&Us Fairy Tales 2 student course
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