English for children from 13 years old

Mysteries 1

Spike is an amateur detective. With his keen eye and attention to detail, he will be the perfect guide through a series of mysteries and fun situations that will help the students to better understand the rules of English grammar and to consolidate level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) 

Course objectives:

During the course, the 13-year-olds will consolidate their B1 level in English whilst embarking on level B2. But they won’t be alone, they will be accompanied by Spike, a perceptive character with whom they will improve both their oral and written expression. With Spike and a group of secondary school students, they will travel to the fabulous Caribbean island of Looet. Once there, they will realise that a classmate is missing and will have to investigate what has happened. When they return, there will be more mysteries to solve. What could have happened to the student who hasn’t come to class? Thanks to the stories, that hold their interest, the children on this course will learn a wide variety of phrasal verbs and will begin to understand grammatical rules. They will go on to use these in different contexts in their daily lives.  

Class length:

1 hour 30 minutes, twice per week

Number of students per class:

eight students per class

Taking advantage of the adolescent brain's potential for grammar:

Taking advantage of the adolescent brain’s potential for grammar: In adolescence, the brain acquires the ability to think in the abstract. This allows the secondary students to easily understand language’s complex rules, which they will then put into practice in their English conversations, thus achieving more precise language.  

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  • Kids&Us Mystery 1 student course
  • Kids&Us Mystery 1 student course
  • Kids&Us Mystery 1 student course
  • Kids&Us Mystery 1 student course
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