English for children from 16 years old

The Future 2

This level of English is taught through a story about the destruction of the Earth and its last survivors, who must travel in an enormous spaceship in search of a new planet to live on. Through dystopian stories, we cover more complicated subjects such as politics, society or natural disasters. These require more precise use of vocabulary and grammatical structures, which are more challenging for the students.  

Course objectives:

The objective of this course is to achieve a level equivalent to Cambridge Advanced (CAE). We will work to enrich the English consolidated up to now with a more varied and refined vocabulary, looking for differences between words and expressions which, at first sight, may appear to be synonyms. This lexical subtlety will allow us to give more detailed descriptions to express more complicated ideas.  

Class length:

1 hour 30 minutes, twice per week 

Number of students per class:

eight students per class

Talking about the future in order to reveal the present:

As the students grow, their knowledge of the world increases as they become interested in and open to situations beyond their personal sphere. Through dystopian stories, they will be able to reflect on problems in the modern world whilst at the same time increasing their linguistic knowledge: this motivates them to increase their vocabulary and improve grammatical structures when expressing themselves in English.


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  • Kids&Us The Future 2 student course
  • Kids&Us The Future 2 student course
  • Kids&Us The Future 2 student course
  • Kids&Us The Future 2 student course
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