English for children from 17 years old

Subscription 1

For this level we have created our own magazines in English which cover very varied topics related to modern society and which allow the 17-year-olds to continue to perfect their language, widen their vocabulary and work on complicated grammatical structures.  

Course Objective:

Each edition of the Rampage magazine covers a specific topic. It covers lifestyles, the world or entertainment with considerably more complicated grammatical structures corresponding to level C1+. Thus, the students continue to widen their linguistic knowledge and gain fluency and the ability to express themselves correctly in English in the personal, professional or educational sphere.  

Duration of the Classes:

1 hour 30 minutes, twice per week 

Number of Students per Class:

eight students per class

Communicating with the World

The variety of subjects dealt with in the English course allows the students to enrich their vocabulary and use complex grammatical structures. This gives them the confidence to express themselves with ease on any subject, both orally and in writing whilst at the same time strengthening their critical and creative thinking regarding real situations. 


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