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Sign up with your baby to Kids&Us Babies Day

Published 05/01/2022 by Kids&Us

We are going to hold a Babies Day on our schools: this is a special day where we carry out activities in English for you and your baby that includes storytelling, games, and lots of music!

Why is it important to learn English at a young age?

Although learning a language lasts a lifetime, it is during our early years where we are most susceptible to learning it unconsciously.
Babies from the ages of one and two have an innate ability to decode languages: they use innate mechanisms to learn their mother tongue spontaneously and naturally. These innate mechanisms make it easier for them to learn a second language and in fact these mechanisms are the key to Kids&Us’ Natural English method. That’s why it is so important to introduce English to your child from an early age. 

What does the Babies Day consist of?

The main objective of this day is to awaken the babies’ curiosity so that they can learn English naturally and spontaneously. Throughout the day, we will carry out activities 100% in English designed to grab their attention and motivate them to learn the language. 

It is important you also participate in the class to show your child you support this new experience and to strengthen your bonds with them outside your home. 
This is an exclusive opportunity for your child to immerse themselves in the English language, and for you to gain firsthand experience on how our Natural English method works.

Bear in mind that, to ensure the session is carried out successfully, we work in reduced groups, therefore there are a limited number of spaces. Book a place at your nearest school! 

Kids&Us Babies Day
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