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Our students have the potential, and we have the formula!

Published 22/05/2019 by Kids&Us

The time has come to find out about the new Kids&Us campaign for the 2019-2020 academic year: The English Formula. Over the years, we have strengthened our core and given shape to a unique way of learning English, based on nature, which adapts to the growth and development of our students and helps them to make the most of their full potential. 

This year, the subject of chemistry, something present in all aspects of nature, is the central theme of a new fresh and clear image, which emanates modernity and is able to convey that the Kids&Us method is based on proven facts. It's all science!

At Kids&Us, babies feel in English, children play in English, and teenagers are inspired in English. They have the potential, and we have the formula for them to learn English.

The same as ever...

The processes, the strength, the passion and our teamwork are part of our essence and this time, they are also reflected in the new campaign song: Essentially us.

As always, our students are the main stars of our advert, the informative flyer and all the applications related to the new campaign. This is a sign of our identity, and we are very proud of this. For us, the campaigns form the brand of the business. Therefore, we would like to thank the families for the trust they place in our method.

The new Kids&Us campaign, The English Formula, will be released during the month of May and will accompany us throughout the 2019-2020 academic year.

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