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Superkids Comic

+8 years old


Original idea: Natàlia Perarnau 
Number of pages: 27


LISTEN&PLAY COLLECTION: ​ Superkids Comic The Terribly Naughty Twins is targeted at children who want to continue being exposed to English throughout the summer in a fun and enjoyable way, without the need for parents to get especially involved or to have a high level of English. 

  • It is a supplementary reader for children who are currently students in the Ben&Brenda course or above. In other words, Kids&Us students aged 8, 9 and 10.
  • This book has been designed to be used with the Talking Pen.
  • The book features an innovative sound technology system, which means when used with the Talking Pen it becomes an audio book.
  • Children will be able to place the Talking Pen on the speech bubbles or where indicated, reading and listening simultaneously.
  • Throughout the book, readers will find numerous activities to improve understanding.

Pedagogical content

Students will review and consolidate the vocabulary and grammar they have studied during the year and will also have the chance to use English to the maximum in an entertaining and fun way.

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