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How does our method work?

  • Listening Kids&Us


    Could a child learn their mother tongue without having ever heard it before?

  • Understanding Kids&Us


    How does a child start to understand their mother tongue?

  • Sepaking Kids&Us


    When does a child start to talk?

  • Reading Kids&Us


    In our mother tongue, would we even contemplate our child reading before they can speak?

  • Writing Kids&Us


    When do we start to write?



English doesn’t stop at Kids&Us

English doesn’t stop at Kids&Us

28 Apr 2020

Our kids have been confined at home for more than 40 days. That’s more than 40 days converted into a load of intense family time, juggling between being able to attend to and cover all the physiological, learning, and entertainment needs. These days have put us all to the test and, without a doubt, have brought the out the best in us all.

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